GATEWAY REINSURANCE BROKERS INTERNATIONAL LTD is a company that was incorporated in year 2017 and commenced trading in 2018 (after obtaining its trading license) in the Kingdom of eSwatini to provide reinsurance and insurance broking services focusing in the broader areas of non-life, life and medical health business as well as

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providing alternative risk financing & enterprise wide risk management solutions.

The Company which comprises of a consortium of local and regional investors was pioneered by business partners Tich Magore, Simon Magagula and Fagose Sedange.

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Our Vision

To become the preferred service provider of re-insurance and insurance broking as well as alternative risk financing and EWRM solutions in the Kingdom of eSwatini and our selected African Markets.

Our Mission

To deliver excellent reinsurance and insurance solutions that exceed client expectation

Our Core Values

Security, Excellence, Partnership

One important consideration once you purchase

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